Taking a Leap of Faith (career path and risk)

Until 2007, I can say at least I was happy for what I was doing (i.e. programming the windows application and building 2nd tier interface binaries) and focusing completely on that without indulging one’s thought with tempting financial force. Well such designed path does not stick permanently with the weak mind and the design had to be changed, 2007 – where I changed my company for growth (including financial matters) and expecting to move in to the brighter side. Within one week of my joining where the situation made me to change my complete orientation which I had and to make a choice that was going to decide my future in that company.

Seeing and analyzing the available options, I was finally designated as “SQL Developer” (carrying the responsibility of development to deployment of all DB object from DEV environment to PROD environment as junior DBA). Working like for two weeks and I start to realize.. “well this also cool, all these years I gained knowledge on front-end, now I am experiencing the true power of the back-end, and in a year or two I will be having sufficient knowledge where I can accept the real-time critical challenges….”.

As they say its free world and you are welcomed to think and dream what ever you want… but nobody guarantees that the dream will succeed.

Over the years working in the SQL side in that company and it seemed to slowly fade out and the dreams of becoming an expert on the DB laid low due to the nature of the work task and complete deviation from my primary objects.

After 5 years, when I look back in to my career how I started, I saw…

1. I failed by not being determined and consistent with the programming skills (windows programming)

2, I also failed with same level of impact by working on the back-end

Two successful career failure back to back is really difficult to digest and I don’t have any working time machine where I can go back and correct it.

So Whats Next?

It was time to take the risk by not focusing on those financial forces and take the control of your primary objects OR get Institutionalized…. So I decided to quit the job (on various factors)

Now, I am spending most of the time on learning and taking over from where I have left, hoping to see this time my dream becomes reality.

It is a great risk to make such decision at this time and on such economic growth and is one of the reason for me to take a leap of faith with minimal support .

(Good, that I am still single, otherwise sacrifice your dreams so you can take care of your family, socially which is good, but intellectually it’s ain’t worth… at least not for me.)

It’s just a matter of time where my weaker side becomes stronger….

This has opened a whole new line of options and it is all in my hand now, on how I am going to mold my life and take control of it.

Life has just restarted. 🙂 !!!


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