Working without Working. Another side of being busy.

It is ain’t a great start but something to think of (or in some cases making this as a routine job until you get a real one).

Well it is been 4 months from the day I have quit my actual job and in pursuit of searching a new one…

this kind of time is a snail phase and it does not move faster and it fells like a stage in the life where time stands still…

images   … probably it is trying to say that  “you are not doing good”. The current situation/s of yours can bring you all sorts of thoughts (not a good kind, of-course) and can put in a difficult position where the life starts to smell like garbage and the recovery can turn in to an imaginary. Self motivational power, confidence, happiness (even in/with small things) will fade away like they never existed.

A physiological behavior of a person becomes a threat to all the people surrounding you and yourself.

Now you can see that the purpose of the existence has a very lower value of all, and one day this can wipe your existence completely… 😦

(I am sure this is not a note from a man who is considering the “wiping” part… but from a man who can turn such circumstances into a valuable resources which can teach you the lesson from time to time and it will provide you the strength to fight back and take control of your life and be someone who can be important (in many different ways) to the society, one day.)

The steps I have taken is very small (for now), but at least for me it is start… (it has to begin somewhere)

1. Supporting yourself, Financially

At this part, the good thing is, I am not spender, not at all. Other than basic needs (food and shelter) my sufficient share of money is saved. Once you know your final list of investments and the final share left, you can deposit is a bank for long term plan and the monthly interest paid from it gives you the fuel for your daily transactions and needs. This really takes of the overhead burden on self and it makes you total independent and you can avoid begging money from others with complete embarrassment and shame.  It is kind of little pride where even in hard time you are capable of supporting.

2. Regular Activity and Daily Life

Once the core problem (#1) is taken care of then the life does not smells like garbage 🙂 (but still… it stinks to some level).  At this time, you have to be very very careful with limited and proper planned expenses where it should not increase the limit for your monthly income.  This system tightens your desire process to flow in a way with complete control and to think and rethink and then calculate to the future months and then make an investment (only if it is an exigency or very important)

3. Work, Progress and Reclaim

What such persons really do they have in hand? (with unlimited supply)

The answer is “TIME”.  (this is another important part)

Time spent understanding your gaps and weaknesses with respect to your work is must. As you do this… it is also important to know your strength where you best fit, your capabilities, your existing knowledge which helps in building and restoring your lost confidence and this is the manifest for seeing the things clearly.

Here you can plan to arrange to  go to the classes (by joining some good institute so you can learn the subject and you can also socialize with the people around there which totally puts you back in the life, in a good way).  This will be really a good start.

Now there are so many free software (development tools) are available to download and install, you can choose from wide category and install them and use them for improvising you skills (time spent well on this matter really count later, most of the people I came across do not follow this not because they can’t..  they want to but they don’t…)

Online materials (like  blogs, free books, community services, sites)  helps you to gain more knowledge on the subject, also you can interact with the experts via posts/comments, which really motivates you to pursue with your current work with more interest.

My personal favorite, in your free time (irony), if you wish to work as a lab assistant, please go ahead… you have no idea how good it feels to help others with the knowledge you carry. Remember Knowledge sharing is Knowledge gaining.

These are the few ideas to adapt and feel better even if you are not working (and not that you have to be unemployed to do this). I am sure you will find few more ways to make the correct possible investment with the time you have.

At last, life is not fair at all, but it is our whole responsibility to make ourselves happy and put ourselves back in to the driver seat and drive toward your new destiny.

Fuel up, people… success or failure is not a matter, at least give it a try… and at the end you at least tried.



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